What if you could you totally restore and transform an early 1900s bellows camera into a modern computer workstation?

Steampunk Century Portrait Camera – No. 1 Computer Desk

Amazing ‘Steampunked’ original Century Semi-Centennial No.1 Portrait Studio Camera (Eastman Kodak manufactured in Rochester NY) — totally restored and transformed into a modern computer workstation!

Includes all the original parts of the Century camera with some additional period items including Victorian Angle Brackets. Camera and stand is primarily made from walnut with cast iron legs. The tabletop uses the original platform for the camera, only expanded to include two rounded wings for a mouse and additional workspace. Knob adjustments work to angle the monitor left/right,  up/down and back/front. The whole camera body and desktop also moves up and down with a left side turn wheel. The tabletop can also be angled up and down with a knob adjustment in the front.  Technology includes an Apple computer with monitor. The speakers are Orb Audio. The chair is a fully restored A.H. Andrews (Chicago Manufacturer) office chair.