What do you get when you combine an 1800’s era steam engine, a 38-foot diesel truck, and a collection of very sharp rotating blades?

If you guessed the world’s largest Steampunk cucumber slicing device, you would be correct!

The Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher is part of a new campaign for Hendrick’s Gin, and has been traveling to major cities across the U.S. garnishing cocktails from coast to coast.

The device relies upon an elaborate system of pneumatic tubing, interlocking gears androtating blades to slice up to 18 cucumbers per hour. It can achieve road speeds of 25mph thanks to a hybrid powertrain, which combines a large diesel motor and a well-dressed gentleman pedaling a large-wheeled bicycle.

This kinetic sculpture which mixes antique objects with new materials is the latest collaboration between ModVic and Salmon Studios, LLC. The project took four months from concept to completion.

The Grand Garnisher was unveiled in New York in July. It has since traveled to Boston,Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle and Phoenix, amongst other cities. Its scheduled tour will end in Washington D.C.