Steampunk Springfield: Re-Imagining an Industrial City was the first City-Wide Steampunk event including other community partners as the CityStage Theater, Springfield Symphony Orchestra, UMASS Amherst, Springfield Tech Community College, Futurescape Springfield, Develop Springfield, Springfield Armory and the Central Library.

This collaborative city-wide celebration embraces the Steampunk philosophy to re-imagine the city’s history and reinvent itself in the process, presenting thematic Steampunk programming, events, performances, major exhibition and satellite displays throughout the downtown area.

The signature exhibition was Humachines: Legendary Science Fiction Authors & Inventors who Changed the World Become the Machines they Wrote About or Created to Change the World Again. Jules Verne becomes the fantastical Nautilus submarine; H.G Wells becomes a human “Time Machine” and Mary Shelly becomes the High Voltage Machine that brings Frankenstein to life. All twelve functional art sculptures infused original period objects that were relevant to the authors and inventors described machines and actual inventions. Their mission is to travel forward into time to re-inspire Springfield to once again become a great city of invention and innovation.

With the attendance breaking success in Springfield, now Humachines will be traveling nationally and internationally in 2017. Check back for dates and venues in 2016.