Design Museum of Boston

7 Restaurants. 7 Design Firms. 7 New Experiences.

Design permeates every aspect of dining out at a restaurant—from the menus to the interior design, from the furniture to the food itself; every design discipline is represented. At the core is collaboration and a shared vision with the restaurant client. Design Museum Boston announces their latest exhibition: Design for Dining, a public exhibition distributed across seven restaurants in Downtown Boston, showcasing how designers shape the dining experience.

Design Museum of Boston paired seven restaurants in Downtown Boston with seven leading design and architecture firms from around Greater Boston. Each team designed and produced a new dining experience for you to dine in and enjoy.

Nelson Design asked ModVic to create a Steampunk Chef’s Table for MAST’ restaurant at 45 Province Street in Boston. A chef’s table is usually located in the kitchen or close by so you can see how the chef works and interact with them on a personal one-to-one dining experience. The challenge with MAST’ was that the dining table was on a different floor from the kitchen.

Our Steampunk creative solution was to create an 1800s ‘Magic Lantern’ kitchen viewer where the diners at the Chef’s table could control a camera located in the kitchen and view what was happening projected on a wall right behind their table. Period objects included a magic lantern, survey transit tripod, flashpoint measurement device, car taillight, wood mold. New technology included an Ipad, GoPro camera, media projector, LED lighting and electronics.

You can look forward to enjoying special menus and drinks while dining within these newly designed experiences from June to November 2015.

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