How can you preserve the memories and set a path for the future for young couples getting married?

The 7 ft body/case of the Grandfather clock is from the early 1800s and is outfitted with Victorian parts and pieces and contains a ‘countdown’ clock feature that will act as a time capsule lock/unlock. After a predetermined amount of years (i.e. 25 years) – the countdown clock will activate a switch to open the contents to the family. The Wedding Steampunk Time Capsule is a way for new couples to start their lives out with love, promise and hope for the future. The Steampunk Time Capsule infuses modern technology into period and personal objects to create a living, functional piece of artwork for their home and home for future generations. The Time Capsule will record and archive a family’s past, present and future in one single object that can be displayed and preserved for children, grandchildren, great children and beyond. Personal letters and objects can be added annually and will not be able to be accessed for a predetermined period of time from the wedding date. Designed and fabricated for ‘Steampunkinetics – The Steampunk Art Show” featuring 15 artists at the AFA Gallery in SOHO NY in June 2012.